A. Scope

The scope of certification in this scheme is in Risk Management.

B. Job Description

QRMO certification is designed for entry level, fresh graduates, and/or staff in all work units whose function as beginner Risk Officer beginner and has assignment in supporting risk management process application which is executed by its work units. It also includes the beginner risk management unit staff who acts as risk facilitator for the organization.

C. Competency

Code of  Competency Unit Title of Competency Unit
Explaining risk management principles in accordance with SNI ISO 31000
Explaining the implementation of risk management framework in accordance with SNI ISO 31000
Explaining the implementation of risk management process in accordance with SNI ISO 31000
Applying risk management process in accordance with SNI ISO 31000
Building understanding towards organization structure based on GCG in Indonesia
Explaining management leadership in general

D. Prerequisites

For applicants for this certification scheme are applicants in the entry level and/or staff in all work units in the organization and have attended Risk Management training.

Training for QRMO candidates focused on building understanding and basic practical capabilities in risk management based on ISO 31000. The aim is the QRMO certification holder is not only able to a supporting executor, but also able to become an agent of change in risk management application to the organizational environment.

The number of training days for QRMO certification assessment preparation is 2 days of intensive training. It consists of theoretical and practical tutorial sessions, as well as individual and group assignments, and assessment simulation.

E. Maintenance of Competence

For applicants who have been declared as “Competent”, will receive a certificate with a 3-years validity period. During the validity period, the requirement to certificate holder is to maintain the competence by attending the Sustainable Certification Program (PSB).
PSB is a program to ensure the LSP LPK MKS certification holders’ competencies keep be maintained. This program operates through collecting the PSB point, as it would be a parameter to measure the certification holders in their professional development activities. Details regarding this guide to be downloaded click here.

F. Recertification

The one of requirements to renew the certificate’s validity period is to actively participate in relevant areas to the Certification Scheme scope. The active participation will be converted into points of the Sustainable Certification Program (PSB). Sufficiency of the collected points by the certification holder with the total points is required to each Scheme which will be used as a reference to renew the validity of the certificate.