LSP MKS’s vision is to be the main driver to increase the competence of Indonesian human resources in particular in the field of Governance, Risk management, Compliance and Sustainability.


To reach the vision, LSP LPK MKS has following missions:

  • Establish and implement the BNSP 201 2014 version, BNSP 202 2014 version, and SNI ISO 17024 as an integrated certification activity without any exception.
  • Run as independent Human Resources Competency-based assessments body in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Business Sustainability.
  • Actively participate directly and indirectly in Human Resources development programmes, particularly in Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Sustainability.

LSP MKS prioritises quality, service excellence, and have the full commitment to maintain the impartiality in any certification processes. LSP LPK MKS commits to carry out the professional competency certification process in a professional and independent manner by referring to the relevant regulations and guidelines.

To support the vision:

  • LSP LPK MKS always requires to meet the relevant regulations and requirements systematically;
  • Continuously improve the services;
  • Build improvements and continuous progressions of the competency assessment materials;
  • LSP LPK MKS management and assessors regularly participate in the ‘International Benchmarking’ programme which topics mainly about the application of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance to various countries in the world. Equipped with an international-scale update, LSP LPK MKS management and assessors can keep and maintain the quality of our curriculum and competency assessment to be in line with the vast-developing risk management practices at the international level.