LSP MKS conducts the competency-based assessment process with multiple levels of independency consists of:

Regular surveillance is applied both by BNSP and KAN to ensure the overall implementation of LSP LPK MKS competency-based assessment process is objective and independent.

Association Supervision
IRMAPA as a national risk management practitioners association has a commitment to ensure and supervise the management of the Governance of LSP LPK MKS along with the good governance principles. Hence, the independence of the LSP LPK MKS is well-maintained.

Segregation of the certification examination process and the training for exam preparation.
LSP MKS segregates the authority between LSP LPK MKS as the executor of competency-based assessment and the partner organisers of LPK MKS as the coordinator of exam preparation training. This particular policy ensures the independence of LSP LPK MKS in the certification process.

Application of ‘Double Layer Independence’ in exam preparation training.
As the coordinator, LPK MKS implements ‘multiple independence’ system through cooperation with several independent entities partners as the training executors.

Independence of assessors
LSP MKS assigns assessors whom are fully-committed to maintain the independence to the competency-based assessment. LSP LPK MKS has a policy to ensure the independence of assessors that not permit assessors to serve concurrently as instructors providing the training for the preparation class and as the one who would assess the competency of the people inside that particular class.